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Bijapur, Xizam Saliu over Alimadnagar, and Kutnpana Malaka
over Grolkonda. The duration of the government of Bandn of
Bedadakoia and others is one hundred years. Of these the
Nizam Sahu is the oldest; nest comes Yedula Sahu: and
Kutupana Malaka comes last.* Honour is done to (t:ie masters
of) these thrones in this order. These three families together
own 100,000 excellent horses, arid 100 ghats of elephants. It is
not a kingdom protected by foot-soldiers, and there are no
Muhammadans to serve (the king's as foot-soldiers). But in
Karnataka, (the king) has the fourfold-army: and the skill
displayed by the Karnatakas in fighting is not known to the
people of those countries. Therefore, the rulers of other
kingdoms cannot withstand the Karnatakas."
When (Ay y an a Malaka) had related what he had known,
AnkusaRavu and Jagadeva Ravu said.......''What the lltissalaiau
Ravu(?) had said is correct. The Muhammadans never compare
their strength with that of the enemy, when they meet him on
the battle-field. If the enemy breaks, unable to resist their
fierce onset, they cut him to pieces pursuing him wherever he
may go. On the other hand, if the opponents face them boldly,
they beseech them afterwards. When the nobles and rmnistersf
at the palace who know these affairs ask them to retire (from
the battle-field) they do so at once; and do not face (the enemy)
having no regard for the loss of prestige to the government
which their retirement from the battle-field without showincr
fight might involve. Therefore, when a battle is unavoidable,
the Karnatakas who are skilful in fight, discriminate between
good and evil, and offering battle, cut (the enemy) to pieces.
They have pralhusakti$, and so the foot-soldiers and attendants
are useful".
When (Ankiiia Ravu and Jagadeva Ravu)   explained  (the
matter), all the amaranayakas who were then present submitted,
* Curiously eaough this is in perfect agreement with the order in which these chiefs
asserted their independence.
f VSkili -pinria-ptddalu literally nxeaji* the elders and the youngsters at the gate,
J Poww of sovereignty.